We offer many types of windows custom designed to fit any need and budget, we provide a complete service from new construction to replacement.

The two most common substances that windows are made from are VINYL and ALUMINUM.

Some of our vendors include: Milgard, Fleetwood,  Metal Window Corp, International window, Premium Window.

Both Vinyl and Aluminum are most commonly installed as RETROFIT and BLOCK FRAME.


The most popular windows on the market.

Very energy efficient.  Vinyl frames are UV resistant.  UV resistant glass also increases energy efficiency.  (Energy efficiency credits may be available)

Non corroding – due to the material used, vinyl windows are very durable, easy to clean do not corrode and are almost maintenance free.

Cost effective -  material used is cost effective and will save $$ over time


Aluminum windows are  the “go-to” type of window.

Aluminum has the classic look that has been used in all types of construction.

Provide a very clean look when installed.

Aluminum windows are light weight yet strong.


Also known as replacement windows are custom made to fit into your existing window opening.  Designed to save money in time and labor that is usually involved with replacing a window and frame (ie. Stucco damage, new framing needed, paint, etc)


Generally used when replacing wood windows with frames in good condition.  Also used in new construction projects

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to discuss your project and how Broadway Glass can better meet your budget – and possibly more important – your schedule!!